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Best Shutters for Kitchens

Your shutters should be designed for the unique characteristics of the room. Sinks, taps, cupboards and garden access can all present challenges. ADRIAN’s has the skill and experience to design your shutters accordingly.

As your local independent shutter company we only design shutters suitable for intended application. Particularly important for kitchens. We have no big company sales targets to meet, only your requirements. With us, rest assured you'll have beautiful shutters, correct for their location.

Kitchen Shutters

Kitchen Window Dressing

Shutters are very popular for kitchens because they’re practical, easier to clean than blinds and do not absorb cooking smells like curtains and fabric blinds.

Kitchen Shutters

Whatever your kitchen style there’s a shutter to suit. From traditional farmhouse to high gloss contemporary, your shutters can be designed accordingly. 63mm louvres with vintage frames and centre tilt rods create a characterful traditional feel. Wider 76mm and 89mm louvres, flat frames with a hidden tilt controls create a sleek modern look.

We have a stunning range of colours for you, or we can custom colour your shutters to precisely match your cabinets and décor. Made to measure for every space with pinpoint accuracy, they’re truly bespoke for your kitchen windows.

Grey Kitchen Shutters

The Correct Kitchen Shutters

Each of our shutter ranges can be considered for the kitchen as they’re all highly practical, fully configurable and easy to clean. The kitchen is often a high traffic area and a place to gather and entertain, plus some kitchens cam have high levels of moisture. This is why our Tough Composite Shutters and ABS Waterproof Shutters are very popular with our kitchen clients.

Our ABS Shutters are crafted from high-grade ABS, a more robust alternative to cheaper vinyl, shutters. The ABS is a hard yet lightweight thermoplastic with shock absorbing properties. Hardwearing resin composite provides a waterproof superior strength, and wont warp, dent or chip. Our Tough Composite Shutters have ABS Louvres and MDF wrapped, Polymer coated frames and panels, with engineered cores for max stability and warp prevention. Both ranges create a comfortable ambience with ultimate durability.

Both ABS and Tough Composite ranges have high-quality finishes and look as good as any painted hardwood shutters.

Kitchen Shutters

Shutters are Perfect for Kitchens

The perfect addition to any stylish kitchen, so our pleasure to showcase our shutters alongside Kitchen Style of Dorchester at this year’s Dorset County Show. Like us, Kitchen Style offer a truly bespoke service to ensure a beautifully designed end product. You’ll find an amazing range of Kitchens and Worktops in their showroom on High East Street, Dorchester, plus we have an ADRIAN’s demo stand here, where you can pick up your shutter brochures and browse at your leisure.

Most importantly get in touch with us, for all the details and your free design consultation. We have a wealth of experience helping customers design the best shutters for kitchen windows and doors.

showcasing shutters at Dorset County Show

Kitchen Showroom Shutters