coronavirus (covid-19) - our update for our customers



Whilst we welcome in the New Year, we will be adhering to the latest Covid-19 restrictions and rules. We will be operating under the stricter precautions adopted during the previous lockdowns. Thank you for your support and understanding.


  • Will you inform us immediately if you (or anyone at the property) become symptomatic or need to quarantine?

  • Can any vulnerable people be safely distanced during our visit?

  • Can we observe social distancing rules?

  • As a precaution we will be hand washing and/or antibac’ing before and after our visit and request you do the same.

  • Either party can end the visit if it’s felt safety will be or has been compromised.

  • Precautions we will be continuing with:

    • Informing you immediately if any of us become symptomatic or need to quarantine.

    • Use of gloves and masks.

    • Frequent hand washing and/or antibac’ing.

  • Installations can continue on a case by case basis where the following working conditions can be adhered to:

    • Rooms in which we are installing need to be vacated, along with access routes to said rooms.

    • We respectfully insist that social distancing is adhered to. Should you need to come into a room in which we are working, masks must be worn if able.

    • We will be continuing with our own protective measures during installs, including anti-bacing before/after visits, use of PPE, and wiping down surfaces after installations.


  • If able to, move ornaments and furniture away from the windows so we do not have to touch things unnecessarily.

  • Open a window for ventilation.

  • Open internal doors leading to the installation area so we do not have to touch them.

  • Plan and decide how you will vacate the area and always keep a minimum of 2m (6 feet) under all circumstances.

  • Strictly no face-to-face contact with vulnerable people, for example when providing acccess to your property.

Irrespective of lockdown or tiers, no visits will take place under any circumstances where anyone - team or customers - are symptomatic or needing to isolate. We are happy to reschedule any appointments.

We look forward to seeing you and wish you all a happy and safe 2021.

Best wishes
Adrian & Jacqui

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Covid 19 Stay Safe